Sublime Rock Water Bottle

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Hydration is… what I gotSublime truly left a mark on the planet. Their combination of reggae, punk, and ska provided us a small window into the California everyday living of the band. Alas for the planet, the band experienced the damage of lead singer Bradley Nowell found 1996. The band’s renowned music lives on now and though we’ve don't met Bradley, we develop to believe that he’s the sort of guy who'd hand you the drinking water bottle of his during music festival in case you were thirsty. Hydration is essential when you’re experiencing music in the warm California sun, therefore when you’re headed to a music festival, it’s only common that you’d wish to maintain moisturized with your preferred band.Fun DetailsThis Sublime water container is created from tough plastic and contains an attached clear plastic bottle cap on top. The sides are a clear green color and also offer the Sublime sunlight logo on the edge in outstanding reds and yellows. Additionally, it has lightweight “herbal” leaf patterns through the whole outside. Simply load up it up with clean water and get it to another outdoor concert to ensure you've the H20 needed for getting you throughout the festivities. Hydration is… everything you have. Keep in mind that!

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